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Bridal's Hottest Engagement Ring

Tammy Nelson

Hey JBDers,

So last month I talked to y'all about Summer's Hottest Stone which was the Morganite. Well this month I want to talk to y'all about Bridal's Hottest Engagement Ring from the most popular diamond shape to the most popular shade of gold! 

First I'm going to start of with the diamond shape, now there are many different shapes: princess cut, halo, pear, and even a heart shaped diamond. But 2017's most popular diamond shape is an OVAL!

Who wants this elegant shape that looks GORGEOUS on every women's hand?! I know I do!

Now lets talk about gold, there are three different shades of gold: white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Can you guess what the most popular shade of gold in 2017 is....?

If you guessed rose gold then you are CORRECT! This exquisite rose-hued ring looks enchanting on every woman. 

Come create your own Bridal's Hottest Engagement Ring at Jewelry By Design at 590 N. Dean Road Auburn, AL 

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