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October's Opals

Tammy Nelson
opal ring.jpg

It’s SO hard to believe that October is already here - without the cool, crisp fall weather, it’s easy to believe we’re still in August!

October has TWO popular birthstones - time for double the celebration, right October babies?!

The first stunning stone is Opal! Opal is so fascinating - there are so many beautiful varieties. Opals have a “play-of-color”, or “shifting colors in rainbow hues” (Gemological Institute of America). That’s why you can see a wide array of vibrant colors when the light hits an opal just right!

tourmaline ring round 2 part 2.jpg

The secondary birthstone of October is Tourmaline! Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, and used to be easily mistaken for other dazzling stones. Tourmaline can sometimes look a bit like a watermelon - with a vibrant green exterior and deep pink interior, its candy colored look is fun and unique!

We’ve got some gorgeous tourmaline and opal rings in store - whether you’re an October baby or not, let’s celebrate the day with some new bling!