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The Must Haves

Tammy Nelson

Sometimes, going back to the basics is all your wardrobe needs! When you’re not too sure what wear, having a few standard, go-to pieces in your jewelry box can be a lifesaver. Here at Jewelry by Design, we’ve got some great options! Here’s a handy guide for our recommended MUST haves!

Some of the most important pieces you can keep in your jewelry box are timeless classics like gold hoops, pearls, and diamond studs.

Gold hoops, pearls, and diamond studs… oh my! Lovely, standard pieces to keep in your jewelry box year round.

Gold hoops, pearls, and diamond studs… oh my! Lovely, standard pieces to keep in your jewelry box year round.

First, gold hoops - whatever size you prefer, they’ll always be there for you. They can help dress an outfit up in a heartbeat, elevating your look to the perfect amount of glam. Whether you’re a classic yellow gold lover, or more interested in some white gold or rose gold options - hoops could be the perfect match for your look! Something real, elegant, and sophisticated that will serve you well for years to come.

Next, pearls. Nothing says classy quite like pearls do! We’ve got pearl necklaces in several sizes - whether you want a larger pearl or a more delicate look, the perfect pearls will last a lifetime. Wear your pearls with some matching earrings as you own the night in a classic little black dress, or take your elegance to work like the boss you are! (Care tip: Don’t let your pearls mingle with your jewelry cleaner - pearls and other porous stones can easily be dulled and damaged.)

Like pearls, diamonds go with everything! Grab some diamond studs for a great everyday go-to. A lovely diamond necklace can complete the look, adding a simple elegance to your daily wear. There’s nothing better than having the perfect amount of sparkle!

Last but certainly not least, a little bling for your hands! This is where individuality can really shine. A little something special can help make you feel unique and confident - maybe a ring with your birthstone, or a simple and elegant bracelet designed by YOU! Something that fits your personality, to seal your signature look.

Whatever your style is, we can find something for you. At Jewelry by Design, we can hand craft something perfect for YOUR personality! Got an idea for a piece? We can make it a reality! Let our talented team work with you to make something truly special. With three full time jewelers and a full manufacturing facility in store, your pieces stay with us from start to finish. Stop by today!