Jewelry by Design

Fine Jewelry, By Design.

#TBT to our first Grand Opening in 1995!

#TBT to our first Grand Opening in 1995!

Handcrafted on the beautiful plains of Auburn since 1995...

Jewelry By Design is a leader in uniquely-made fine jewelry and strives to make jewelry as beautiful as it can be. We are passionate about designing and creating uniquely beautiful, one-of-a-kind fine pieces and aim to cultivate a lasting, honest, and timeless jewelry experience. Jewelry By Design is the only free-standing jewelry store in Auburn and their team of professionals proudly carry over 30 years of combined experience while offering a broad range of fine jewelry services and unique creations; if you can think it, Jewelry By Design can create it. 

Our Team

Here at Jewelry by Design, we take great pride in our Diamond intake procedures. Every time a guest brings a Diamond ring into our store for repair, we sit down with them at our Diamond Station and display an image of their stone on a computer monitor for ease of viewing. We point out identification markers of the stone and take time stamped photos so that we can compare them at pick-up. We have always and will always follow this procedure.


Meet the Owners

Owners Mark and Tammy Nelson started their vision in the Spring of 1995 here on the beautiful plains of Auburn, Alabama. Originally from Auburn-Opelika, Mark knew that he wanted to be a jeweler since he was old enough to say the word "diamond". Just starting out with a dream and minimal staff, the business has grown to support a full time jewelry designer, master jeweler, G.I.A. graduate diamond expert, and sales manager along with our highly trained sales staff. Jewelry by Design is the only jewelry store in the Auburn-Opelika area that is owned and operated by a master jeweler.

Our mission is to create a welcoming and relaxing environment while providing accurate product knowledge with the best possible options in order to empower our customers to make the best decision for their needs. Plus...we’re the store with the candy!
— Mark Nelson, Owner & Master Jeweler